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Sports related concussions have a unique issue regarding recovery. When returning to sport the athlete must be asymptomatic with exertion and returned to play with a progression of exercise and sports related functional exercises. This particular aspect of returning to play is our area of expertise. Here at PICSM we have accumulated over 22 years of experience in returning athletes back to sport.



We lose water every day in the form of water vapor in the breath we exhale and in our excreted sweat, urine, and stool. Along with the water, small amounts of salts are also lost.
When we lose too much water, our bodies may become out of balance or dehydrated. Severe dehydration can lead to death.

The Common Cold

Endurance sports pose a unique problem during the winter months. Colder temperatures, wind, snow and slippery surfaces can create adventurous training conditions and lead to injuries or upper respiratory tract infections. Even with the excellent quality of outdoor underclothing, fighting off the common cold after you are cold and wet can be challenging.

Injection Prep

Post-Procedure Care

These instructions will provide you with a general guide for post-procedure care after receiving a steroid or platelet rich plasma injection. If you experience an unusual reaction to the injection you should contact the clinic and speak with someone from our staff.

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Common Injuries

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